The End of Translation Coming This Weekend

Translation agencies such as our work with a number of translators, both freelance translators, and specialist groups. Specialist translation groups usually focus on a particular language combination, for example English-to-Spanish or Chinese-to-English, and so on.

As our business grows and requests for translation services in new language combinations come to our attention we continue to work with tried-and-true translation partners, but also occasionally test new prospective partners to expand our network.

This week we requested a quote from one prospective new partner. In response we received the following puzzling message (in blue):

Hi Ron,

We are not taking on any more projects this week.

(name removed)


It’s a puzzling response and it may suggest one of the following:

1) The translator/company will cease translation operations at the end of this week.

2) The apocalypse is occurring this weekend so there’s no point in preparing quotes for projects that might be performed in the future.

There’s also a third possibility:

3) We’ve identified a translation group that we’re not likely to be working with in the future.

For now my money’s on number 3.

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