Translator’s Guide to Blogging

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There are many good reasons for professional translators to begin and maintain a blog. The reasons for translators to blog can be tactical, strategic, or promotional, among numerous other things.

A blog with content in the form of text, images, and/or video can support each stage of the translation buying process from building awareness, to educating current and prospective clients, to differentiating a translator’s services from another.

Despite its specialized name a blog is still basically just a website with text and sometimes images or video just like other web pages. Blogs are functionally content management systems. Blog software allows subject matter authorities (in this case professional linguists) to easily publish content to the internet for worldwide exposure. Blog owners can regularly publish content over time and blog functionality will manage the content and help keep it electronically organized as the blog’s internet presence grows and becomes more and more established.

Once a blog is set up there are no special technical skills required to publish a blog. There are some best practices to observe in order to realize the greatest benefit from a blog through search engine visibility. Knowledge of these best practices can be acquired over time and their implementation can be refined. Aspiring bloggers needn’t delay beginning a blog until after they’ve mastered all blogging best practices. In most cases diving right in while continuing to learn blogging methodologies is a perfectly acceptable approach.

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