3 Ways Language Impacts Your Business

It’s likely that language affects your business in numerous ways, perhaps in more ways than immediately come to mind. Based on the types of translation projects our company regularly performs, below are three common intersection points between language and many companies’ operations.

Communications: Businesses and professional organizations have internal and external audiences they target with various types of communications. Communications specialists take great pains to craft the language associated with promotional materials, announcements, websites, and other types of communications categories. When non-English speaking audiences are included in the target mix, translation of language requires the care and consideration of skilled human linguists to preserve the original meaning and style.

language in business

Legal Agreements: Organizations that operate internationally, sometimes with foreign affiliates or representatives, regularly have occasion to construct legally significant language in more languages than English. Generally this requires translation of legal agreement into various target languages, or from another language back into English so all parties have a clear understanding. Translation of legal agreements is one of the most common types of text that professional translators perform services on.

Education & Training: eLearning initiatives are commonplace for many leading organizations as part of companies’ efforts to continuously invest in their employees. Some training materials are dedicated to new employees as part of the onboarding process. Others are geared to longer term education to build skills, introduce new programs, and to help develop a common culture.