Why Work With Affinity Translation?

Affinity TranslationSome Other Translation Companies
1) Quality ControlPost-translation proofreading by a second linguist included standard.Proofreading by second translator not included or included with additional cost.
2) Native Speaking TranslatorsTranslators are native speaking in the target language. Standard for all projects.Sometimes native speakers. Sometimes not.
3) Human or Machine TranslationAll projects performed by skilled professional human linguists. No machine translation.Lower quality machine translation.
4) Project Management
A personal project manager is assigned to each translation project. They’re available for interim project status reports and any questions as needed.
Anonymous project managers.
5) Specialization FocusWe specialize in translation of written material, including translation of video content, which typically includes a written text component (transcripts, scripts, et. al.).
Offer numerous language services but do not specialize in translation of written text.
6) PricingCompetitive to below market pricing in all languages. Significant volume discounts for larger projects.Pricing levels vary significantly from vendor to vendor.
7) Rush ServiceNo additional charge for expedited service.Extra charge for rush service.
8) Company StabilityEstablished, stable company with years of experience.New or limited experience in the translation industry.
9) Certified TranslationsOfficial signed letter of certification available upon request (no charge).Additional fee for certified translations.
10) Multilingual Desktop Publishing | eLearning Application IntegrationExpert multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) and eLearning application integration services available as needed.DTP and eLearning application services not available.

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