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Video Translation Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Translating (or localizing) a video means to make its content (spoken audio and sometimes on-screen text) available in another language. Translated audio content is added to videos as subtitles, or by recording voiceovers in the target language and dubbing the newly recorded audio into the video, replacing the original audio.

Project schedules scale with the scope of the project. Small projects may require as little as a few days. Large projects can sometimes take more than a week. Our prepared quotes indicate the estimated project schedule duration.

A typical step-by-step progression is to: 1) prepare a transcript of the audio content by listening to and writing down exactly what is spoken, 2) the script (transcript) is then translated into the target language and subsequently proofread by a second linguist (native speaking in the target language), 3) a professional voiceover recording in the target language is prepared, 4) the newly recorded voiceover recordings are then dubbed into the video in place of the original audio. Alternatively target language subtitles are added and the original audio remains unchanged.

Whether subtitles or dubbing voiceovers are better for a particular project is something customers decide based on their requirements. We provide both services and in preparing quotes we often price both options.

Applying translated subtitles is lower in price since the significant cost for recording professional voiceovers isn’t needed.

We ask to review the video(s) for translation in order to quote services. Inquirers can email us a link to view the video(s) online, or alternatively send the actual video file(s). See email and upload link for sending files at: request a quote for translation services.

Video Translation Service Categories

A combination of the below services are typically applied in the performance of projects.

Dubbing is the process of recording voices over the originals. Voiceovers can be recorded and applied in videos and animations in virtually any language.

Subtitling is text displayed at the bottom of video or animation content that translates or transcribes the dialogue or narrative.

Captioning adds a text representation of the audio into the video. Captions are often used by viewers who are hearing impaired, and will describe what is being said, emotions, and background sounds. Captions can also be used for indexing and retrieval.

Professional voice talents are available to record scripts in their respective native languages for dubbing to video and multimedia content.

A written version of a video’s audio content must exist for the translation process to occur. When a script is not available a professional transcriber must listen to the audio and record the spoken audio in writing.

Professional linguists, native speaking in the respective language(s) for a project, translate the script or prepared transcript. A second translator proofreads the first linguist’s work as a quality assurance step.

Video Translation Project Examples

Animation Onscreen Text Translation and Voiceovers Dubbed into 10 Languages



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Spanish Subtitles Added to English Audio

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