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We specialize in providing translation services for all types of InDesign documents. We make translation of InDesign documents easy for you by handling all details.

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InDesign Translation Services

InDesign translation

InDesign translation projects can range from a single page brochure or product profile document to large catalogs and other publications with hundreds of pages.

Affinity Translation provides complete services to translate InDesign documents into virtually any language and deliver perfectly formatted InDesign documents in the selected target language(s). A minimum of three skilled personnel are required to complete a InDesign translation project including a translator, a proofreader, and an InDesign formatting specialist. Project managers support InDesign translation projects as needed.

InDesign translation

Example InDesign Translation Projects

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InDesign Translation Project Stages

Text | Images | Formatting

InDesign translation

InDesign translation projects typically entail attention in the three activity stages listed below. The second stage (graphics translation) is optional since not all projects require translation of graphics.

  • 1. Text Translation / Localization

    InDesign document text content is professionally translated into virtually any language. Translators are always native speaking in the target language. Proofreading by a second translator is included.

  • 2. Graphics Translation / Localization

    Text as part of embedded graphics (drawings, captions, illustrations, etc.) is also translated and graphics files are recreated in the target language.

  • 3. InDesign Multilingual Formatting

    Multilingual InDesign desktop publishing (DTP) services are performed using the translated text to produce professionally formatted documents in virtually any language.

InDesign translation

More About InDesign Translation Services

Text Translation / Localization

Translation of text content from an InDesign document file takes place outside the application environment. Skilled human translators use special tools to enhance translation quality and minimize cost for repeated text segments. Once translated text can then be placed back into InDesign for final formatting and a last review.

Translation and localization services for InDesign documents adhere to our company’s practice of including post-translation proofreading by a second translator. Translators are native speaking in the target language as well. High quality translations result from this process.

Graphics Translation / Localization

Some graphical elements of InDesign documents can contain embedded text. These might include graphics such as line drawings or images with attached captions or labels that are sometimes not directly editable. When the text is appropriate for translation and part of an image then translation of the image text is handled separately (still following the process described above). After translation of text, images/graphics are manually edited to produce a target language version of the files. The newly created target language images/graphics files are then ready for placement into the InDesign document.

InDesign Multilingual Desktop Publishing

The final step is bringing all translated elements (text and graphics, etc.) back into InDesign to produce a print-ready finished document. InDesign formatting is performed by specialist desktop publishing technicians. Linguists are typically not professional documents designers and vice versa. While InDesign is among the most popular design applications, formatting services are available in numerous other standard software applications.

indesign translation guide

InDesign Translation Guide

This free guide is an introductory reference covering some of the basics of professional translation services for InDesign documents.

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