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Affinity Translation operates from our main office in lower downtown (LoDo) Denver, Colorado. From here we provide translation and other language services to clients across the United States and internationally. We are available to our clients by telephone, email, and video conference. Our contact info is listed below.

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Toll-Free: 1-800-570-4424

Phone: (720) 316-2228

Fax: (303) 404-8835

Email: info@affinitytranslation.com

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Want to talk it over via Zoom? Please send us an email at info@affinitytranslation.com to request a Zoom meeting link to discuss your project and answer any initial questions.

Or contact us by telephone at (720) 316-2228.

Business Office Address

Affinity Translation

1580 Logan Street, 6th Floor

Denver, CO 80203

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Denver’s historic Union Station is a short walk away from us. Dating back more than 100 years it serves as a transportation hub in the city. We love the glow of the illuminated orange sign at night. Amtrak’s California Zephyr is a train route that runs east to Chicago and west to San Francisco. The scenery going west into the Colorado Rockies is spectacular.

We go to Sliceworks sometimes for, that’s right you guessed it, a slice.

Just a 10 minute walk away there’s Coors Field, home field for the Colorado Rockies baseball team (oh the optimism of April versus the reality of September). Still there’s never really a bad day at the ball park.