Personal Translation Services

Personal translation services for virtually any written language. Professional native speaking linguists.

Personal Translation

Financial/Legal Documents | Certificates | Passport & Travel | Academic Records | Police Reports | Insurance & More

Affinity Translation provides expert personal translation services by native speaking linguists for all types of written material and digital content. Financial documents, certificates, passport and travel documents, police reports, legal documents, academic records/transcripts, and insurance documents are just some of the document types of personal translation services we provide.

Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are among the most commonly requested languages for translation. We provide translation services for these languages and many others including European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional translation services are priced based on the number of words in the source document(s). A per word rate is established for each source language.

Project durations scale with the scope of the project. Small projects can be completed in 1-2 days. Larger projects (e.g., more than 10,000 words) require more time. On average a professional translator will process about 2500 words per day.

Estimated project schedules are included on issued quotes for services.

To request a quote for translation services we ask to review the file(s) for translation. Click here for instructions on sending us your file(s) to request a quote for services.

We can work with virtually any type of electronic file as long as the text is legible (e.g., PDFs, Word, image files, etc.). Original documents are not required.

Personal Translation Process

To consistently provide high quality personal translation services to our clients we follow a structured process. Our standard multi-step translation & QA process is outlined below.

A. Review and Preparation

Source material is reviewed to identify special requirements and confirm legibility.

B. Translation

Translation is carefully prepared by a professional translator native speaking in the target language.

C. Proofreading Review

Translated text is reviewed and edited by a second translator following the initial translation.

D. Delivery & Approval

Final translated and reviewed text is sent to the client via email or secure upload for application.

As Our Translation Client You’ll Receive

  • 1) Native Speaking Translators plus Proofreading

    Services include translation by a professional translator that is native speaking in the target language, plus post-translation proofreading by a second translator to ensure high quality.

  • 2) Skilled Human Linguists not Machines

    Projects receive the expert attention of skilled human linguists that are qualified in the subject matter of your project. We apply modern translation tools but never use machine translation.

  • 3) Complimentary Expedited Service

    We charge no additional rush fees for expedited project schedules. All projects are processed on the most favorable schedule available at the time of receiving your order. Schedules are a priority.

  • 4) Dedicated Personal Project Manager

    A personal project manager is assigned to your account or project. Project managers skillfully guide your project through the translation process and are available for questions and status updates at any time.

  • 5) Signed Letter of Certification

    A signed letter of certification confirming translation accuracy and the qualifications of the translators is provided upon request.

Translation Services Buyers Guide

This free guide is an introductory reference covering some of the basics of professional translation services.

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