Translation Customer Preferred Translation Changes

Occasionally a translation client will request us to make changes to a delivered translation project. We’re always happy to do this when requested.

We do like to make a distinction between the words “corrections” and “changes.” Corrections imply errors while changes indicate a word preference. So we use those words carefully in our communications with customers.

In a translation project we delivered earlier today we included the below message in the email with the translation files. It hopefully makes the point. Translation customers buy the language judgment of the professional linguists assigned to their projects. That’s what translation companies deliver. However, if customers decide to give the translation preferences of internal reviewers priority, we’ll gladly make the requested changes for them.

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Note: In your internal review you may identify preferred translations other than those selected by our linguists. This may be due to personal preferences of the reviewer or common industry practice, things we cannot know in advance. If that occurs and you want to give priority to identified preferred translations please indicate them on the PDF files and send them to us. We’ll be glad to make those updates for you.

Translation customers have the option of providing a list of commonly used terms and their preferred translations for them at the beginning of projects. When a list is available to linguists at the outset they’ll give strong consideration to the customer’s preferred translations, and use them unless there’s a compelling reason not to.