Death, Online Document Translation, and Taxes

As they say there’s no escaping death and taxes. Also sooner or later most commercial and professional organizations will need a document or two or three translated. Virtually no one looks forward to death and taxes, but online document translation can be much easier to navigate.

Some businesses require regular translation of documents. Often they are organizations that conduct business internationally, or sometimes they’re organizations that have a connection with US communities that predominantly speak a language other than English.


Documents can be in virtually any common format such as MS Word, PDF, Excel, image files such as JPEGs, to mention a few.


At our company all materials for translation, documents and otherwise, are received delivered after translation electronically. The entire process from beginning to end is essentially: 1) send us the document files (email or electronic upload), 2) we send a quote back, and if approved 3) we perform the project. Obviously small projects can be completed faster than larger project. On average professional translators can process 2-3000 words per day. Time is then allowed for proofreading of the translators work by a second linguist.

online document translation quote

Documents can be in virtually any common format such as MS Word, PDF, Excel, image files such as JPEGs, to mention a few. Professional translators are accustomed to working with a variety of document formats and can handle them routinely.

Fees for online document translation services are determined based on on the word counts for files. Discounts are factored in for volume and text repetition that’s measurable.

Translation agencies such as ours typically work with a worldwide network of translators in various languages. In this way translation companies can select just the right linguist, the best-suited for each project. Translators often specialize in different subject matters such as legal, medical, technical disciplines and numerous other niche subject areas, and so will be stronger in their areas of emphasis.

To receive a free quote for document translation services click here for translation quote information and to request a quote from the convenience of your computer. We can normally respond to confirm receipt within 20 minutes during business hours and then email our quote for services shortly thereafter. Questions are of course welcomed at any time.