Top 10 Unconventional Takeaways from 8 Weeks of Lockdown Work From Home

Having experienced the past few weeks of working remote due to government enforced stay-at-home orders, we’ve come to a few conclusions and made some observations. Our top 10 list of unconventional takeaways is below:


#10. Office gossip is reduced by about 50% while working from home since fewer people are willing to put tea in writing.

#9. Based on social media posts that we’ve seen a few co-workers actually look better in masks.

#8. Home backdrop staging for Skype and Zoom meetings matters.

#7. As suspected before and has now been confirmed, there’s an inverse correlation between happiness and time spent driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic going to and returning home from the office.

#6. The experience of nostalgia for drinking sub-standard office coffee. It’s hard to explain.

Working From Home

#5. Thinking ahead if you plan to wear a fragrance on your return to the office a range of a little more than 6 feet will likely be needed.

#4. A new personal low. Being refused entrance to Walmart for not wearing a face mask.

#3. An overlooked but potentially the best leading indicator of a return to business normalcy … the appearance of a previously scarce paper product to grocery store shelves.

#2. The folder on your office desk with papers marked “urgent” will still be there on your return raising the question how important were these things really?

#1. Most emails beginning with the phrase “in these unprecedented times” (or alternatively “in these uncertain times”) can be disregarded.