Most Popular Elearning Application for Translation Services

For our company the most popular elearning authoring tool for translation services has been Articulate Storyline. There are other elearning authoring tool applications on the market but this one is the tool that most often comes up in connection with inquiries we receive for translation services.

Not all elearning translation projects require post-translation formatting within an application such as Storyline. Some clients have their own methods for deploying elearning materials. In those cases translating text is similar to other translating others projects. In those instances we generally receive a body of text with standalone files in MS Word format or a similar text-based editable file.

For Storyline translation projects text is exported into a Word file with accompanying application coding separate from the text for translation that allows for importing the text back into Storyline once translation is completed. The translation import back into Storyline usually requires some manual adjustment due to the difference in space requirements between languages. Some languages require more space relative to others. Formatting and graphical elements in the Storyline course remains intact.

For additional information on Articulate Storyline translation services contact us by telephone or email.


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