Most Important Translation Project Ever

When a client comes to us for translation services it’s often for an immediate requirement. An operational need has arisen and language is at issue. The meaning of existing text expressed in one language needs to be expressed in another language (or sometimes languages). The detailed reasons are unique to the client and their business, or for individual clients their personal circumstances.

At the time of the client’s contact, no matter what else is happening, we try to give our complete attention to that client. Whether their need for language services is large or small, is simple or complex, urgently needed or of routine priority, it is the matter currently at hand for attention. Our attention may be required for only a few minutes, a few hours, or days/weeks for more extensive projects.

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This is our philosophy of doing business, to give our client our complete attention when it’s needed. Do clients notice and appreciate this? We can’t know for sure but having clients return to us for language services again and again over the years is a good sign. Their repeat business is our thanks. We take notice.

So what is the most important translation project ever? It’s of course the one our client needs from us today, right now.