Article Summary: Key Sales Process Changes For 2020

According to a recently published McKinsey & Company article, B2B sales have undergone changes this year that are likely to stick around post pandemic. Three of the items that B2B companies especially may want to take note of are listed below:

1) Digital Interactions Are Increasingly Preferred

In the three categories of sales interactions described as in-person, remote, and digital self-service, in-person has shrunk in preference in favor of the other two. Digital self-serve has seen the highest increase in preference for businesses that can engage their customers in this way.

Customers are driving the shift and the reasons cited are ease of scheduling, savings on travel expenses, and safety.

video conference

2) Videoconferencing and Online Live Chat Are New Stars

Videoconferencing and online chat prominence in the sales process has increased dramatically. The percent increase from pre-COVID times is stated to be up 41% and 23% for videoconferencing and online chat respectively.

3) Video Interactions Preferred Over Telephone

Meeting with others in your company: 79% prefer video to phone

Meeting with existing customers: 76% prefer video to phone

Meeting with prospects: 76% prefer video to phone

Meeting with vendors/suppliers: 77% prefer video to phone

To read the entire McKinsey & Company article with additional findings see: These eight charts show how COVID-19 has changed B2B sales forever.