Rush Translation Services and Projects

What is meant by the phrase “rush translation services“? Does it mean that translators work faster? For the sake of translation quality we hope not.

Some translation companies offer rush services. Translation customers sometimes ask if we offer rush services. Our company doesn’t charge an extra fee for expedited translation services. Instead our policy is to do our best to allocate resources as necessary in order to meet the translation project delivery schedule objectives of clients. This assumes that a client’s delivery objectives are somewhere within the bounds of what’s humanly possible.

Translation of approximately 2500 words per day is an average metric that is mentioned by professional translators. Some linguists might work more quickly without compromising translation quality, while others will work below this pace. Since translation services are most frequently priced according to word counts (not by the hour) there is an incentive for translators to work efficiently, although not faster than allows them to produce quality translations.

rush translation services

If translators work at a rate that exceeds their ability to produce high quality translations, they will not earn repeat business from customers. Experienced translators who have been “battle-tested” over years and many projects understand this. This is one reason why the length of a translator’s career can be a good indicator of competence. Sub-par translators will not survive in the profession.