What’s Real News For A Small Language Services Provider (LSP)?

Translation and localization industry trade source often seem to delight in reporting on various fundings and acquisitions within the industry. To smaller language services providers (LSPs) these events are seldom that interesting or relevant to our business or day-to-day operations.

Instead what is news and of interest to small to medium sized LSPs?:

  • The current projects in progress, getting them done in a quality fashion, and delivered on time.
  • Sustaining operational status during a down economic period.
  • Planning for changes to marketing to attract more and better long-term customers.
  • Making sure all contractors and linguists are paid for their services and motivated to receive the next assignment.
  • Improving the company’s website with an eye toward both customer experience and search engines.
  • Software tools that will improve operations and efficiency in some tangible way.
  • Reviews on a more comfortable office chair for 12 hour work days.
  • Strategies for taking a brief vacation without missing important new projects.
  • How to manage LSP growth progressing from a small (e.g., single person) to medium sized operation without multiple personnel.
  • Is there value in employing customer surveys, and if so what are best practices?

XYZ company has received USD 20M in series B funding? Good for them! Does it matter to us?