InDesign Translation: Expectations versus Reality

When we’re contacted by customers requesting translation of InDesign documents their general expectation is that they can provide us with the English version of their InDesign document. We in turn can then translate the document’s text into the target language(s) they request and send it back to them.

And in reality that’s exactly what happens.

When beginning the process of an InDesign document translation project customers only need to send us a PDF file in order to generate a quote. Sending or uploading a PDF file is often easier and quicker than sending the entire InDesign file set including fonts and links. The complete InDesign file set is requested once the project is approved, but a quote can be prepared based on the PDF alone.

The InDesign translation projects we prepare range from a single page document to much larger manuals with hundreds of pages. Translation customers need only send the files for translation. All other project details are handled seamlessly by us to deliver ready-to-use translated InDesign files perfectly formatted in the specified target language(s).

A typical end-to-end InDesign project sequence is:

  • Send us the English file(s) for a quote (a PDF file is sufficient to generate a quoted based on the word count and number of pages)
  • Approve the quote and send us the entire InDesign file set including fonts and links
  • Allow sufficient time for the translation, proofreading, and InDesign formatting process to complete according to the schedule indicated on the quote
  • We deliver the completed project translation files to the customer via a download link

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