Translation Is Not That Interesting

Translation of written language is not that interesting until it stands to impact your company or organization in a tangible way. When it does, then language services become not only interesting, they become a priority.

Below are a few examples when language and translation services become important.

  1. Your organization has a new product or service and are introducing to a market audience whose primary language is not English.
  2. Your organization’s foreign affiliate has independently localized standard company materials into their local language. What does the localized version of your company’s materials say? Does it accurately reflect your brand?
  3. A legal agreement must be approved by two parties that have no common language. So the agreement must exist in two languages.
  4. Elearning course materials are available in their originally developed language. Now you want to make them available to a new audience that doesn’t speak the original language.
  5. An internal company initiative is rolling out to all international affiliates in multiple countries. Numerous languages are involved.

If language and translation services are not that interesting to you today, chances are they will be soon, when the right set of circumstances come along.