eLearning Spanish and French Voiceovers

Our company often translates elearning course materials into various target languages. Sometimes there are videos or other course materials with an audio component that need to be localized in a language other then the original source English audio version. For projects like these both translation (of a written script/transcript) and target language voiceover recording services are needed.

Professionally recorded voiceovers can be prepared in a wide variety of languages. Spanish, French, and several other major languages are commonly requested. Other commonly requested voiceover languages are German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


Voiceover talents of course require a written script in the language the recording will be prepared in. Translators work with written text so a source language script (often it’s English) of the audio content is needed for the translation process to begin. If a script is not available then a transcript needs to be prepared from the audio content. Transcription can be aided by automated and semi-automated techniques although human quality control is typically also needed.

For more information about multilingual voiceover services we invite prospective clients to get in touch. Our contact information is linked here.

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