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Articulate 360 _ Storyline 360 Translation

If you need your Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 authored elearning courses translated into another language we can help.

We provide complete services to translate/localize all Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 inputs in the target language of your choice (e.g., Spanish, French, and many other languages). On project completion a translated Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 course is returned to you ready-to-use in the new language(s). See also: Articulate Rise 360 translation services.

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Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 Translation Project Elements

Text | Graphics | Video | Integration

Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 translation projects often require attention in multiple categories of services (among those listed below).

  • 1. Text Translation / Localization Services

    Storyline text content is professionally translated into virtually any language. Translators are always native speaking in the target language. Proofreading by a second translator is included for quality assurance.

  • 2. Graphics Translation / Localization

    Text as part of embedded graphics (drawings, captions, illustrations, etc.) is also translated and graphics files are recreated in the target language(s).

  • 3. Audio | Video Translation / Localization

    Spoken audio (e.g., narration) is professionally recorded in the new target language. Videos are translated by either the addition of sub-titles or by dubbing voice recordings in the target language(s).

  • 4. Articulate 360 / Storyline Integration

    All translated inputs (text, graphics, video, etc.) are brought back into Articulate 360 / Storyline. Manual adjustments are made to produce a finished Articulate 360 / Storyline output that’s ready to use.

More About Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 Translation Services

Text Translation / Localization

Translation of text content from an Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 file takes place outside the e-Learning application environment. Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 includes a function to export text into a standalone file format such as MS Word. Once translated the text can then be imported back into the application.

Translation and localization services for Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 adhere to our company’s practice of including post-translation proofreading by a second translator. Translators are native speaking in the target language as well. High quality translations are ensured.

Graphics Translation / Localization

Some graphical elements of Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 productions can contain embedded text. These might include graphics such as line drawings or images with attached captions or labels. When the text is appropriate for translation and part of an image then translation of the image text is handled separately (still following the process described above). After translation of text images/graphics are manually edited to produce a target language version of the files. The newly created target language images/graphics files are then ready for placement into Articulate 360 / Storyline 360.

Audio | Video Translation / Localization

The text for audio content (e.g., course narration) can be translated and then recorded by professional native speaking voiceover talents.

Video content is sometimes part of an Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 course or production. Translation of video content is usually accomplished through: 1) Dubbing – the process of recording voices over the originals, or 2) Subtitling  – text displayed at the bottom of video content that translates or transcribes the dialogue or narrative, or 3) Captioning – adding a text representation of the audio into the video. Captions are often used by viewers who are hearing impaired, and will describe what is being said, emotions, and background sounds. Captions can also be used for indexing and retrieval.

Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 Integration

The final step is bringing all translated elements (text, graphics, voiceovers, videos, etc.) back into Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 to arrive at a finished production or course presentation. Manual adjustments are made as needed within Articulate 360 / Storyline 360 and a final review verification ensures that the end deliverable is complete and ready to be used in the new language(s).

Articulate Storyline Translation

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