InDesign Manual Translation

Large manual documents created in Adobe InDesign are sometimes translated into various languages. Among the more commonly designated target languages for translation are Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean. InDesign manual translation services are available into almost any language.

When we’re contacted regarding translating manuals created in InDesign, some of the most frequent questions are about costs and schedules. Preparing a quote for services answers both of those questions.

Costs are determined based on the number of words in a project. Repetitions are discounted. Project schedules are also established based on the word count with an approximate processing rate of around 2500 words translated per day. Proofreading by a second translator is an additional step, as is the InDesign formatting in the designated target language.

A few example InDesign translation projects for manuals and other documents appear below.

Requesting a quote for InDesign manual translation services is easy:

  1. First, email us a PDF of the InDesign file. PDFs are easy to attach and email (or upload for larger PDFs). While the translation process doesn’t take place within a PDF file, a word count can be extracted from a PDF document. Given a source PDF document word count and a specified target language, a quote for translation services can be created and returned to the client.
  2. Next if a client decides to proceed with the project then the full collection of files (InDesign and associated fonts and links) can be sent for formatting production after translation is complete. Since translation doesn’t occur within the InDesign environment, document formatting within InDesign is a separate step after translation and language verification is complete.
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