What Questions Do Consumers of Translation Services Have?

Translation customers may have a variety of questions depending on their specific needs and circumstances. Some common questions could include:

1. Cost-related questions:
– What are your rates?
– Do you charge per word, per page, or per hour?
– Are there any additional fees, such as rush fees or formatting fees?

2. Turnaround time:
– How long will it take to translate my document?
– Do you offer expedited or rush services?
– Can you accommodate tight deadlines?

3. Quality assurance:
– What measures do you take to ensure the accuracy and quality of translations?
– Do you use human translators, machine translation, or a combination of both?
– Can you provide references or samples of previous work?

4. Specialization and expertise:
– Do you have experience translating documents in my industry or field?
– Are your translators native speakers of the target language?
– Can you handle specialized terminology or technical content?

5. Confidentiality and security:
– How do you ensure the confidentiality of sensitive documents?
– Do you have procedures in place to protect client data?
– Are your translators bound by confidentiality agreements?

6. Communication and project management:
– What is the process for submitting and receiving translated documents?
– Will I have a dedicated project manager or point of contact?
– How do you handle feedback or revisions?

7. File formats and technical requirements:
– What file formats do you accept for translation?
– Can you work directly with files from software applications like Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign?
– Do you handle localization for websites or software interfaces?

8. Payment terms and methods:
– What are your payment terms?
– Do you require a deposit or upfront payment?
– What payment methods do you accept?

9. Certification and notarization:
– Do you provide certified translations for legal or official documents?
– Can you provide notarized translations if needed?

10. Additional services:
– Do you offer services such as proofreading, editing, or desktop publishing?
– Can you provide transcreation or adaptation services for marketing materials?
– Are there any other language-related services you offer?

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