Translate Articulate Storyline 360 Closed Captions (VTT files)

Articulate Storyline 360 authored elearning courses are anything but standard in their content and construction. Aside from the wide variety of course subject matters among courses, content variables include items such as embedded videos, narration, links to resource materials, among other things.

For courses that include closed captions that parallel the audio narration, an option for creating what is equivalent to subtitles is to translate the closed captions, leaving all other course elements unchanged. This approach is well suited to matching the synchronizations to audio that have already been established in the course. By translating the closed captions an option exists for course users to follow along in the translated closed captions (once translated effectively subtitles) what’s being spoken in the course audio.

The course VTT files contain the closed captions text. Translating the existing VTT files into the desired target language (e.g., Spanish, French, etc.) and then replacing the original VTT files with the translated VTT files accomplishes this nicely.

So in courses that contain closed captions (not all do but some might) course creators can keep in mind this option as a relatively simple and easy step to take to create subtitles within an Articulate Storyline 360 elearning course.

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