Companies Routinely Say “We Appreciate Your Business”

In addition to working in our respective businesses and organizations, nearly all of us are customers too. When we’re customers, companies routinely say to us “we appreciate your business,” or words to this effect.  Do they really mean it? If their actions, services/products, and operations are consistent with this statement then they probably do.

Companies demonstrate their appreciation for their customers by:

  • following through on their commitments
  • acting with urgency
  • setting expectations accurately
  • providing fair value
  • respecting customers’ time
  • being available for questions and follow-up
  • thinking and responding to solve problems and not just follow scripted protocols

When organizations contradict their expressions of appreciation through their actions, it speaks louder than any words. Sometimes the best guide for how to operate our language services business is to remind ourselves how we like to be treated when we’re the customer.