Translation Services for NGOs (non-governmental organizations)

NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) are private organizations that operate independently of governments and for-profit businesses. NGOs are typically set up to address social, environmental, or human rights issues and may operate at the local, national, or international level.

NGOs can take many forms, including charities, foundations, advocacy groups, and community organizations. They often rely on donations from individuals, corporations, and governments to fund their operations.

NGOs that operate internationally frequently require written materials to be translated into the target language(s) of their audience(s) of interest. The scope of translation projects for NGOs can range from brief texts of a few paragraphs to expansive presentations and reports of tens of thousands of words.

For NGOs requiring translation of written text we welcome inquiries to request a quote for professional translation services by clicking this link and following the instructions for submitting files. Telephone or Zoom calls are available to discuss requirements and details if needed.

Fees for services are based on the number of words for translation. Volume discounts are available for volume and measurable repetition of text.