What Our Translators Eat For Breakfast

What do our translators eat for breakfast? Why even ask the question?

Asking the question gives us an opportunity to mention that our translators eat whatever they want for breakfast, most likely in accordance with the local custom in their respective native countries. That’s because in order to provide the most authentic translations possible to our clients, our translators don’t work in our US office. Instead they work from their respective countries of origin where they speak their native languages every day. 

So with that in mind shown below are a few typical breakfasts from countries where some of our translators originate and work from:


In Brazil


“Coffee is a very important part of the Brazilian breakfast. Many Brazilians enjoy pingado, or warm milk with sweetened coffee, served in a glass.” — About Food


In China

“Many Chinese enjoy having a bowl of noodles for breakfast, and there are a wide variety of noodle dishes to choose from.” — China Highlights


In France


“A French person might enjoy some of last night’s baguette lightly toasted with a spoonful of jam (not jelly).” — the baguette diet


In Egypt


“The staple of the Egyptian breakfast, ‘fool’ is how it’s pronounced and it means Fava Beans.” — Food of Egypt


In Russia


“Typical fast breakfast is a pair of sandwiches with cheese or sausage (kolbasa). Russian sandwiches differ from US sandwiches a lot – it is usually a slice of bread, often some butter and a slice or two of cheese.” — Understand Russia