A Year Of Bending But Not Breaking

The events leading to the challenging business environment of 2020 were something few of us saw coming. Some businesses didn’t survive. A few thrived. Many found ways to acclimate to new operating models in light of imposed or chosen departures from normalcy.

Among the most impressive things we observed — the ability of people, entrepreneurs, and organizations to in a short period of time adapt to significant external forces beyond their control. Some were thrown off balance for a period, but creativity, resourcefulness, and supporting technologies soon filled some of the gaps to allow a resumption of near-normal (or at least temporarily acceptable) business operations and meeting the needs of customers.

We have good reason to believe that 2021 will bring an improved business outlook as the year progresses. For those organizations that have become stronger in 2020 despite the challenges, there may be even more reason for optimism.

Happy Holidays To All!