Spanish Video Audio Dubbing Services

So here’s a fairly common type of request for video translation services. A customer emails or call us with a video they have. The video contains English language spoken audio and they want to have the equivalent audio in Spanish dubbed in over the English.

This is a straightforward sort of project and the steps are as follows:

  1. A transcript of the existing English audio is prepared. There are some third party automated services that can do this and produce acceptable results. Or for the best quality an actual person is assigned to listen to the video and write down exactly what’s heard.
  2. Once the spoken English is in a written form the text can be translated into Spanish. The Spanish translation serves as a script for the next phase of activity.
  3. A native Spanish speaking voiceover talent is then assigned to record the Spanish audio. Male or female voices can be assigned and clients can request a sampling of potential voices to select from.
  4. The Spanish audio recording is then dubbed in to the video by a specialist video editor.

To request a quote for Spanish video audio dubbing services clients can provide either the actual video file. Alternatively they can email us a link to the video that’s been posted online.