How To Receive A Quote For Translation of InDesign Documents

Is it necessary to provide the entire InDesign file set in order to receive a quote for translation of InDesign documents? No, not at all. It’s much easier than that to receive a quote for translation services for InDesign files.

In order to quote InDesign translation projects we need only to receive the PDF export file of the document created in InDesign. The corresponding PDF file from the InDesign document allows us to obtain: 1) the number of new words for translation into the target language, 2) the extent of word repetition within the document which lowers the cost of translation services, and 3) the number of pages for formatting in InDesign once the translation and proofreading process (the actual language work) has completed.

If the quote for InDesign translation services is approved by the client, then the entire InDesign file set (including fonts and links) is requested to begin the translation project.

quoting indesign translation projects

The translation process for InDesign project occurs outside of the InDesign formatted document. Professional translators use specialized tools known as CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools. CAT tools should not be confused with machine translation, which does not reach the quality of human translation. CAT tools allow human translators to be more efficient, accurate, and perform translation with greater continuity throughout larger projects. These software tools also recognize repetition within a body of work. Since the same text in the same context needn’t be translated more than once, costs for translation are lowered.

Once the translation and proofreading processes are completed the new text in the target language is then placed back into the new InDesign document. Some adjustment of the translated text can be required since some languages require more or less space relative to the original English to express equivalent meaning. A final proofreading of the formatted InDesign document occurs before the completed project is delivered to the client.