Translation of PDF Files

We frequently receive requests to translate text contained in PDF files. Some PDF files contain simply arranged text, while other are more elaborate designed layouts.

PDF files were often originally created in other applications such as MS Word, Microsoft Publisher, or Adobe InDesign. The original source files are sometimes no longer available when years have passed since their creation. In those instances the best available source files are PDFs.

Fortunately PDF files can be translated while retaining their layouts and formatting. So if the visual appearance of the translated PDF files is important, they are usually of sufficient quality for online display and/or printing from a standard office desktop printer. If commercial printing is planned then editing PDFs in a translated language might not be sufficient for a high resolution PDF. In those cases the layout designs can be recreated in document design applications such as Adobe InDesign. A high quality PDF file in the target language can then be exported for printing.

To receive a quote for translation of PDF file click the link below and follow the instructions.

employee handbook translation cost schedule