Translating Adobe InDesign Documents While Keeping Formatting

The translation of formatted documents created in the desktop publishing application Adobe InDesign is an area of specialization for our company. Our skill sets match up well with the requirements for successful completion of such projects into a variety of languages. Target languages include all major languages and many minor ones as well.

The text in Adobe InDesign document is of course editable and new inquirers sometimes ask if our translators can work “over top” of the existing English text in order to preserve the formatting. We understand the idea and while this approach is not the standard approach, customers are assured that the translated document in their selected language(s) will look like the original version, except in the new language. Some adjustment is usually needed for text that may be longer or shorter in the new language relative to the original English. Otherwise the layout designs will appear the same.

Source text for translation is removed from the InDesign environment for processing (translation and proofreading). Extracting source text from the InDesign allows human translators to utilize modern CAT (computer assisted translation) tools. This is not to be confused with machine translation that’s of lower quality. Instead CAT tools allow human translator to better work with source text requiring translation. CAT tools also recognize repetition within a body of text which is priced at a lower rate than new text, allowing cost savings for customers.

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