Why Volume Discounts for Large Translation Projects?

We have a practice of offering our customers discounted rates for larger translation projects. Volume discounts are available for translation projects that exceed 10,000 words. Discounted per word rates become progressively higher as project word counts increase (to 20/30,000 words or more). Eventually we reach our lowest available rates for a project.

So why offer volume discounts to customers since per word costs to translation companies remain constant no matter the volume? Some reasons include:

  • A desire to reward regular customers who occasionally have larger volume project requirements. As a business we prefer to earn smaller margins on numerous translation projects rather than higher margins on a single or just a few projects. We’re in business for the long term.
  • To provide pricing incentives for customers who are considering translating higher volumes of text.
  • To attract first time customers whose initial project request is larger in volume. Our goal is to perform their project successfully and encourage them to do business with us again in the future.

While large translation projects are attractive to us as a business we’re just as interested in performing smaller projects if that’s what our customers need. A requirement is a requirement and we’re successful when we satisfy needs no matter the project scope.