PowerPoint Spanish Translation Services

Translation of PowerPoint documents into Spanish is a commonly requested service. Other popular target languages for PowerPoint translation services are (in no particular order) French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Existing PowerPoint formatting can be retained when we perform translation projects using the original English version PowerPoint as the source file. On delivery the translated Spanish PowerPoint presentation will be ready for use.

PowerPoint Spanish translation projects can range from a few hundred words to tens of thousands of words to translate. Larger PowerPoint translation projects are no more complex than smaller PowerPoint projects. More time for completion must be allowed for larger projects (higher word counts) but that is the main difference.

A PowerPoint Spanish translation project from beginning to end progresses through the following steps:

1) The client emails or uploads the PowerPoint file(s) for our review (see translation quote request steps).

2) A quote is prepared with fees based on the number of words. Quotes are emailed to the client.

3) If the client approves the quote then the project begins.

4) PowerPoint documents are translated by a professional linguist (native speaking in the target language) and then proofread by a second linguist.

5) The translated PowerPoint file is delivered to the client ready-for-use in the target language.