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French is a popular target language for translation of InDesign documents. The reasons are obvious in view of the major language status of the French language. There are currently estimated to be more than 300 million French speakers worldwide, with more than 75 million being native speakers. French is an official language in more than 29 countries.

In order to quote InDesign translation projects we need only to receive the PDF export file of the document created in InDesign. The corresponding PDF file from the InDesign document allows us to obtain: 1) the number of new words for translation into the target language, 2) the extent of word repetition within the document which lowers the cost of translation services, and 3) the number of pages for formatting in InDesign once the translation and proofreading process (the actual language work) has completed.

The time requirement for project performance scales with the scope of the project. Simple one or two page projects can often be translated, proofread, and formatted in as little as one day. Larger project (e.g., 100+ page manuals in multiples languages) may take more than a week in some cases. Schedule estimates are indicated in our prepared quotes. When required there can be steps taken to accelerate projects.

Large manual documents created in Adobe InDesign are sometimes translated into various languages. Among the more commonly designated target languages for translation are Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean. InDesign manual translation services are available into almost any language.

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