Training Manual Spanish Translation Services

English language training manuals are frequently translated into Spanish and other languages for use by non-English speaking audiences in the United States and other countries. It’s estimated that 94% of people worldwide do not speak English as their first language. Seventy-five percent of them do not speak English at all. Training manuals in English therefore have limitations in their reach. Translation into Spanish and other languages can significantly extend their reach.

Requesting a quote for professional translation services for training manuals is as simple as sending us the file for translation and indicating the target language for translation. Fees are determined by the word count. Discounts are available for volume and measurable text repetition within the document(s).

manual translation services

Types of training manuals we frequently see are:

  • Detailing processes and essential information for new employees
  • Introducing new procedures and systems within an organization
  • Training and education on virtually any subject
  • Product instructions and operating documentation
  • As well as others customized to specific organizations

The time requirement necessary for translating training manuals into Spanish and other languages depends on the scale of the project. On average professional translators process around 2500 words per day. Our process includes post-translation proofreading by a second linguist. All translators are native speaking in the target language. Document formatting to match the source language document formatting is included. Specialized formatting services in desktop publishing applications such as InDesign are also available.

To receive a quote for services click here and follow the instructions to receive a quote for translation services.