Employee Benefits Guide Translation Services

Employee benefits guides are typically published to provide information to employees concerning added perks offered by employers on top of standard compensation. Benefits can for example include medical insurance, paid time off, profit sharing, learning and development opportunities, retirement benefits, and more.

Today’s US workforce includes employees whose primary language is something other than English. In those cases employers can elect to have their benefits guides translated into the primary language(s) spoken by their employees. In the US this often includes Spanish, but other languages also. Employee benefits guides can be professionally translated into a variety of target languages as needed.

Employee benefits guides are typically in the 10-100 page range although there is no set standard. Most often employee benefits guides are MS Word documents. Sometimes they’re formatted in a desktop publishing software such as Adobe InDesign. Formatting can be preserved in the translation process to maintain a standard look and feel in the target language translation document.

Fees for translating employee benefits guides are based on the number of words for translation. To receive a quote for services click here and follow the instructions to receive a quote for translation services.

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