Translation Services Pricing By The Word

Pricing professional translation services performed by skilled human linguists remains most often calculated based on the number of words in a project. The scope of work for most translation projects directly scales with the word count so this pricing method has become standard within the language services industry.

Other potential pricing methods include:

  • The number of pages
  • Time requirement (by the hour)
  • Project basis, factoring in word/page counts, subject matter, and how soon the translation is needed

Affinity Translation’s pricing metric for nearly all projects is based on the number of words, with discounts available for volume and measurable text repetition within a project. All projects are scheduled and delivered on the most favorable delivery schedule available with no additional fees required for rush services. Project subject matter is typically not a factor is pricing although subject matter can be a basis for assigning projects to linguists. Professional translators may have subject matter specializations based on their experience, education, and interests.

Requesting a quote for translation services is easy and the steps for requesting a quote for professional human translation services are available by clicking here.