Articulate Rise Translation Services

Articulate Rise Translation Services

Affinity Translation provides translation and localization services for eLearning courses created in Articulate Rise. The eLearning tool maker Articulate recently announced its new text export feature to support translation/localization for courses created in Rise. According to the company:


If you need to create courses in multiple languages, you’re going to love this new Rise feature. It allows you to export your course text to an XLIFF file and then reimport it once it’s been translated. Like magic: all your text is replaced by the translated text. It’s that easy!


Translation of XLIFF files is standard practice for professional translators. Once the text is translated it can then be imported back into a duplicate copy of the course in whatever target language is needed. More about the Rise export feature is available from the company’s website at:

The Rise translation process is described by the following steps:

  1. Make a duplicate of your course created in Articulate Rise.
  2. Export course text as an XLIFF file to allow the text to be translated into your selected target language.
  3. Initiate the translation process. To receive a quote for professional translation services from Affinity Translation you only need to attach the XLIFF file(s) and email them to us at to request a quote for translation services. Fees are determined based on the number of words, language, volume, and text repetition. Files can also be sent via our secure upload link:
  4. After the translation and QA process is complete, import the translated XLIFF file back into the course duplicate.
  5. Finally translate buttons, tabs, and navigational elements using the built in settings function within Articulate Rise.

We’re available for any questions concerning translation of Articulate Rise course materials and can be reached by telephone at (800) 570-4424 or by email at


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