Video Translation (text & voiceovers) into Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Telugu, Tamil, Korean, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic

Every so often there’s a translation project we do that’s especially interesting to work on. Here’s an example.

Six months ago few people had even heard of COVID-19. Fast forward to today and a Google search on the term “COVID-19” produces nearly 6 million returns. A week, a month, a year from now, and that number will certainly be higher.

We received the below one minute animation from our client “Wake County“.

The target languages for translation are Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Telugu, Tamil, Korean, Hindi, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Arabic.

The animation was created by our client using Adobe After Effects. The language elements for translation are the onscreen text that appears throughout the animation, and also the accompanying voiceover narration.

The first step of the project was to set up all text for translation into a bilingual table with source English text in the left column and space for the corresponding target language translation text on the right. The source text includes both the onscreen text and the narration. The bilingual tables for translation were then assigned to native speaking translators in each of the target languages. Following translation a second linguist proofread the translations as a quality assurance step.

Professional voiceover recordings were prepared in each target language based on the translated script. Onscreen text translations and the new voiceovers were brought back into Adobe After Effects to create the translated versions in each of the target languages. Each final version appears below. If you find language to be interesting you might enjoy taking a look and listen to a few of them.








Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese


You can see additional examples of video translation projects by clicking the link. For information on services feel free to contact us by telephone or email.