Employee Handbook Translation Seasonality

Requests for translation of employee handbooks come at regular intervals throughout the year. Whenever an organization creates or updates its employee handbook, which has no tendency for occurring at certain times of the year so far as we can tell, we receive inquiries about translating their handbook. Almost exclusively requests are for translating employee handbooks into Spanish, although services are available for translation into virtually any language.

Employee handbooks tend to range in volume from 5-20,000 words. Professional translators on average will process about 2500 words per day. Time is also allowed for proofreading by a second translator as a quality assurance step in the process. Smaller handbook translation projects can be completed in 2-3 days while larger project can require several more days.

For translation clients interested in learning more about services for translating their employee handbook at guide is available and prepared as an introduction. The guide touches on topics such as basic translation terminology, pricing, scheduling, service options, file types, document formatting, among other topics. To download the guide click here or on the publication image below.

To receive a written quote for translation of an employee handbook click here and follow the instruction to send us your document. We normally respond within 20 minutes (or less) during regular business hours and then will prepare and email you our quote for services soon after.