Costs For Translating InDesign Documents (Q&A)

How Are Costs For Translating InDesign Documents Calculated?

There are two categories of services considered in pricing InDesign document translation projects. They are: 1) translation/proofreading, and 2) InDesign formatting (placing the translated text into the source InDesign file and adjusting positioning as needed).

How Is Translation of Text Priced?

The translation/proofreading process is priced according to the number of source word for translation. A per word rate is established for each of the languages we translate into. Considerations such as text repetition (which we can measure) and volume can effectively reduce the per word rate. In order to assess repetition and volume, access to the file(s) for translation is needed.

How Are InDesign Formatting Services in the Target Language Priced?

Pricing for InDesign formatting services is based on the number of pages in the document. A standard per page fee is established. We recognize that some pages will require more attention to format (e.g., more content) than others, although the same per page rate applies to all pages.

How Long Does Translation For InDesign Documents Take?

The project period for translation of InDesign documents of course scales with the scope of each project. On average professional linguists translate approximately 2500 words per day. Additional time must be allowed for proofreading the translated text and formatting it within the InDesign environment.

What Do Customer Do To Request A Quote For InDesign Translation Services?

To request a quote for translation services we ask to receive a PDF file(s) of the InDesign document(s). Customers can attach and email us the file(s) or use the upload link on our website. Access to PDF files allow us to prepare a quote for services. If our quote is accepted then we request that clients send us the complete InDesign file sets (including fonts and links).

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