Spanish eLearning Translation Services

Our company regularly receives requests for translating various types of elearning materials into Spanish. While we provide translation services into many languages, for US domestic audiences Spanish is the most prevalently spoken language other than English, so this is not surprising. As of 2020 an estimated 40 million people in the US speak Spanish.

Text for translation can often be in numerous file formats including MS Word, Excel, InDesign, elearning specific authoring tools such as Articulate 360 / Storyline, videos, to mention just a few popular options. Virtually any file format is acceptable for translation if that’s what the customer requires.

Translation pricing is based on the source file word count. Discounts are available for repetition and volume. Formatting in specialized applications such as InDesign or Articulate Storyline is an additional cost when required.

To obtain a quote for Spanish translation services for elearning materials we request to receive the file(s) for translation and based on our review we can provide a firm quote and schedule for services. For initial questions or discussion we encourage prospective customers to contact us. Our contact information is linked here.

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