Articulate Rise Translation Into Spanish

What Are The Steps To Translate Articulate Rise Courses Into Spanish (or other languages)?

Articulate Rise course creators can professionally translate their courses into Spanish and other languages by following the course authoring tool’s instructions for exporting course text into translatable files (known as XLF or XLIFF format files). The XLF file course text can then be translated into Spanish or another target language by professional human linguists. Once translated the files can then be imported back into the Rise course resulting in a translated course in the selected target language.

How Long Does The Translation Process Take?

Professional human translators typically process in the range of 2-3000 source words per day. Language service providers (e.g., translation companies and agencies) often provide additional quality assurance services such as post-translation proofreading/editing by a second linguist. For the highest quality translators are usually recommended to be native speakers in the target language (e.g., Spanish, French, Chinese, et. al.).

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Is There A Way To Test The Export/Import Process?

For course creators without experience using the XLF file export/import process a test can be conducted by manually changing text in the exported XLF file (using a low quality online translation tool for example and an XLF editor) and then importing the edited XLF file back into the course. The altered text should be viewable in the course as confirmation of the export/import process being functional.

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