How Long Does Translation of Articulate 360 Storyline and Rise Elearning Projects Take?

Articulate Storyline and Rise elearning translation projects are frequent candidates for translating into languages other than the language they were originally created in. For course creators in the US the original source language is of course most often English. Some of the more common target languages for course translation projects are Spanish, French, Chinese, among numerous others.

Second in popularity only to questions about the cost for services, the length of time to complete projects is a common question. Project schedules depend mainly on the source language word count for translation. An average processing rate for professional human translation services is around 2500 words per day, more or less.

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For Articulate 360 / Storyline projects other course elements can affect project completion schedules. These can include translation of graphics text (not contained in the standard export files for translation), embedded videos, and voiceovers. Non-text course components such as videos can be made available in different languages by adding subtitles, and/or newly recorded voiceovers. Additional non-text items such as these can add time to translation project schedule. While some tasks in more complex projects can be performed in parallel, translation of all text is usually a prerequisite before other skill areas such as video and voiceovers can occur, thereby adding time to project schedules.

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