Articulate Rise 360 XLIFF File Translation

Articulate Rise 360 courses can be professionally translated by native speaking linguists by first following the instructions to export course text into XLIFF (XLF) files. The application developer’s instructions are posted online at the link below.

Click for instructions on export/import process for Articulate Rise 360 translation services.

The exported XLIFF (XLF) files can then be attached and emailed to our company to request a quote for translation services. Fees are based on the number of words. Repeated text is priced at a lower rate than new words. After translation the files are ready to import back into the Rise 360 course to achieve a functioning course in the target language. Translation services for Articulate Rise 360 courses are available into essentially any language.

Sometimes when translating Rise 360 courses into a new language we advise customers to test a single course before translating multiple courses. This was a recent recommendation we made to a customer prior to translating a half dozen or so courses into Punjabi for them. Once the first XLIFF file was translated into Punjabi and then imported back into the course, the customer had familiarity with the process and was then confident to proceed with translation of the rest of the files.

Click the ‘request translation quote’ button below for instructions on requesting a quote for translation of Rise 360 XLIFF files.

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